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Intellectual Property

At MK Fintech Partners, we are dedicated to protecting your intellectual property through specialised services in trademarks and patents. Our experienced team of lawyers and specialists are well-equipped to guide you through the complex process, ensuring a secure future for your unique ideas and creations.

Protecting your ideas and creations

The Power of Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property (IP) rights play a crucial role in today’s world to safeguard the creations, inventions, and branding of individuals and businesses. In fact, these encompass trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and other forms of IP. Furthermore, by obtaining and enforcing these rights, individuals and businesses can protect their valuable assets and ensure exclusivity in the market.

However, the process of obtaining and protecting IP rights is complex and requires a deep understanding of the law. That’s where we come in. With a team lawyers and specialists with years of experience, MK Fintech Partners provides the expertise and support you need to secure and enforce intellectual property rights, to allow them to succeed in a competitive market and to protect their unique ideas and creations.

Our Services

intellectual property rights – applying our legal expertise to your needs

At MK Fintech Partners, we specialise in providing comprehensive services in intellectual property rights. Unquestionably, we harbour a focus on trademark and patent applications and registrations. Furthermore, our team is highly experienced; we understand the importance of protecting your valuable intellectual assets, and are dedicated to helping you secure and enforce your rights. From patents and copyright, to trademarks and trade secrets.

In applicable terms, we help file trademark and patent applications, and we guide clients through registration processes. Additionally, we commit ourselves to provide the expertise and support you need to ensure the success of your brand, and to protect your unique ideas and creations.

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Why Choose Us?

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As experts in the field of IP, MK Fintech Partners have a deep understanding of the importance of protecting your unique ideas and creations. In fact, our focus on trademarks and patents allows us to provide specialised and comprehensive services to help our clients secure and enforce intellectual property rights. 
Consequently, our team of experienced lawyers and specialists are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide you through the complex process of obtaining trademarks and patents. Let us help you safeguard your intellectual property and ensure a bright future for your business.

Intellectual Property Law in Malta

According to the Maltese legislation, there are four types of intellectual property protected in Malta. These are:

1. Copyrights.

2. Trademarks.

3. Patents.

4. Trade Secrets. 

In fact, industrial property rights, including patents and designs, are protected under the Patents and Designs Act 2000. Furthermore, the Act incorporates the Malta domestic patent legislation and the main provisions of the European Patent Convention (EPC) into Maltese law.Malta’s Patent law is also TRIPS compliant.

Malta has fully incorporated the EU and WTO rules regarding intellectual property into its national law. In addition, the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) section within the Department of Customs of Malta, together with the right holder representative, provides specific services to safeguard and protect the community, following the EU directives and Maltese law while highlighting changes about the procedure which used to be adopted prior and after the accession of Malta to the EU

Furthermore, patent and trademark in Malta are granted on a first-to-file basis. As such, applicants should consider how to obtain patent and trademark protection before introducing their product(s) or service(s) to the Maltese market. Several general principles are important for effective protection of IP rights in Malta. First, it is crucial to have an overall strategy to protect your IP. Second, you ned to have expert advice prior to launching products or services to the Maltese market.

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