Dr. Matteo Alessandro

Senior Associate

Dr. Matteo Alessandro has extensive experience in law, political science, and the world of crypto. He has held several leadership positions in consultancy, offering guidance to brands on management, compliance, and strategy. Currently, he works as a Senior Associate at MK Fintech Partners Ltd., with a focus on VFAs and Data Protection. Dr. Alessandro has a strong academic background, as well as a deep involvement in the voluntary sector, serving as VP Marketing for the European Law Students’ Association and acting as an internal auditor for the organisation. Throughout his career, he has held various prominent positions in various firms, including CEO of Lumco.mt Limited and COO of Cyberspace Solutions Limited, offering consultancy to NGOs and SMEs.

Matteo’s qualities include his generalist approach combining a variety of knowledge areas, his problem-solving skills, and his work ethic.

When he’s not busy working on legal matters, you can find Matteo coding, practicing his cybersecurity skills, or coaching rugby.

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