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Token Issuers

We can help your business with everything crypto related! From Applying for your Crypto License in Malta, to structuring, to Token Legal Opinions, vetting your white paper and more! See our Crypto services below!


We offer a full suite of services in relation to launching your Token!

applying our legal expertise to your project

  • Classifying your token under applicable relevant regulations (under MiCA these would be utility token, e-money token, or asset referenced token)
  • Legal and Technical vetting of your white-papers
  • Assisting with license applications (applicable to e-money tokens and ARTs)
  • Advising on security token projects (DLT Pilot Regime)
  • Company Incorporation
  • Systems Token Audit
  • Introduction to Token Marketing team
  • Assisting with investor relations and other regulatory obligations
  • Legal Opinions from various international jurisdictions (as per the requirements of your desired listing exchanges)
  • Post MiCA we will also assist with white-papers notification to chosen regulator (if you classify as a utility token)

What Is A Legal Opinion And Why Would You Need It ?

providing legal backing to your project

One of the key points of any token offering is listing an issued token on a cryptocurrency exchange, to create a certain liquidity. Therefore, it is often important to prepare a legal opinion on the nature of the token with the legal opinion exploring the concept and function of the token. 

This legal opinion is prepared to confirm or deny the classification of a token as a security or non-security or some other classification group. Service providers in regulated jurisdictions such as financial institutions or Cryptocurrency exchanges require such legal opinion mostly in order not to be subject to the laws applicable to classic exchanges that trade in securities. 

We can assist with a legal opinion from Malta (which will cover you for the EU markets) or any other jurisdiction such as UK, US, Asia, UAE through our partners.


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