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Crypto Licences

We can help your business with everything crypto related! From Applying for your Crypto Licence in Malta, to structuring, to Token Legal Opinions, vetting your white paper and more! See our Crypto services below!

License TypeMFSA Application FeeType of ActivitiesType of Service ProviderInitial Share Capital Requirement
License Class 1
Introducer | Investment Advisor
EUR 6,000Reception and transmission of orders, Provision of investment advice in relation to virtual financial assets, Holding or controlling clients’ assets or money is prohibitedCryptocurrencies Broker, Investment Adviser€50,000 or €25,000 with professional indemnity insurance
License Class 2
Broker | Custodian
EUR 10,000Any Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) related activity, EXCEPT: Operating a VFA exchange, Dealing on own account. However, License holders may hold or control clients' money and assets.Custodian/Wallet Provider, Cyrptocurrency Fund Manager, Cryptocurrencies Broker, Investments Adviser.€125000
License Class 3
Dealing on own Account | Market Maker
EUR 14,000Any VFA-related activity, EXCEPT operating a VFA Exchange.Market Maker / Liquidity Provider, Cryptocurrency Fund Manager, Cryptocurrencies Broker, Investment Adviser.€730,000 (Soon to be revised to 150,000 euro, post MICA)
License Class 4
Crypto Exchange License
EUR 24,000Any VFA-related Activity, INCLUDING operating a VFA Exchange. In addition, license holders may hold or control clients' money or assets.Market Maker / Liquidity Provider, Cryptocurrency Fund Manager, Cryptocurrencies Broker, Investment Adviser, Exchange.€730,000 (Soon to be revised to 150,000 euro, post MICA)
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How We Can Help You

applying our legal expertise to your ambitions | Crypto Licences

Our experienced team will undertake a review of your proposed activity and advise you of the appropriate class of license you are required to obtain. 

We will also assist you with:

  • Incorporating a Maltese company.
  • Draft a statement of intent and legal opinion.
  • Business Plan guidance.
  • Preparation and submission of all license application documents.
  • Vetting required policies and procedures (such as AML, Risk, BCC, Information Security).
  • Liaising with the MFSA and accompanying you to all preliminary meetings.
  • Filing all fit and proper tests for all key persons for the MFSA’s approval.
  • Drafting MFSA response letters as may be required.
  • Referrals to competent persons in our network to fill any needed roles (MLRO, compliance officer, systems auditor, etc.).
  • Any other legal support required throughout the license application process.

Crypto Licence Background - Malta

Crypto Licences

Malta was indeed the first country to have a regulatory framework for blockchain technology. Thus, putting professionals like us at the forefront of the crypto revolution, and giving us a head start over other jurisdictions. 

Since then, we have been guiding clients through the legal requirements to set up a legitimate cryptocurrency business in Malta. A number of frameworks are in place as governing legislation; the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act, the Innovative Technological Arrangement and Services Act, and the Virtual Financial Asset Act. Most recently, the EU also introduced MiCa into the mix, with much anticipation from crypto stakeholders.

MK Fintech Partners conducts Financial Instruments Tests to determine whether your coin or token to be issued is a virtual financial asset, a virtual token, electronic money or financial instrument. Importantly, we oversee your business plan, together with the constant bureaucratic necessities & correspondence with the respective authorities (such as the MFSA).

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