Ms Stephanie Marinova


Stephanie Marinova is a dynamic legal professional with a passion for technology law and a commitment to innovation in the legal field. 

Ms Marinova earned her LL.B Degree in International and European Law, with a specialisation in Technology Law from the University of Groningen. Whilst reading for her Bachelor’s Degree, Ms Marinova had the additional opportunity to study at Trinity College, Dublin, where she deepened her understanding of international legal systems, and fostered a deeper understanding of global jurisprudence. 

At Groningen, she distinguished herself as President of the official legal student association “Nexus” and contributed as a researcher for the department of Energy and Climate Law, focusing on the international COVID energy map project. Ms Marinova’s dedication to data protection and privacy led her to excel in the Data Protection Moot Court, where she was also honoured with the Best Speaker Award.

Currently pursuing her Master’s in European Business Law at the University of Malta, Ms Marinova brings a wealth of legal experience from roles such as Intellectual Property Paralegal at Abion (former BRANDIT and Ports Group), Legal Assistant at HBMO Solicitors in Dublin, Ireland, and Legal Intern at novolegal in Malta. Specialising in data protection, intellectual property and corporate law, Ms Marinova excels in identifying infringements, drafting legal documents, and providing insightful advice to clients.

Her standout qualities include a positive attitude, strong work ethic, effective communication and leadership skills, as well as a knack for creative problem-solving.

When she’s not immersed in legal matters, Stephanie enjoys indulging her passions for music, sports and travel. Whether she’s singing, playing the piano, or exploring new destinations, Stephanie embodies a vibrant and multifaceted approach to both her professional and personal pursuits.

Languages:  English, Bulgarian, German (independent user), and Russian (basic user).


Stephanie Marinova Associate