What is the Current Sentiment on Stablecoins?

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This article features some insight from our Partner at MK Fintech, Dr Justine Scerri Herrera, regarding the current Stablecoin turmoil the crypto world is facing. This comes as investors and speculators alike are getting worried about the crypto market. In fact, some are warning of deeper and more lasting volatility in Stablecoins. To the point, are these investors crying wolf? Or is this market anguish justified? Dr Scerri Herrera takes a stance from her unparalleled experience and insight into crypto markets.

What is the Importance of Stablecoins?

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Stablecoins facilitate most crypto trading volume and power the evolving crypto train DeFi. In fact, Stablecoins are key, since they allow markets to flourish since due to the fact that we use them to settle crypto derivatives in times of dampening markets. In truth, this is what is happening right now.

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Which are the Top 5 Stablecoins?

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Tether (USDT), USD coin (USDC), Binance USD (BUSD) and Dai (DAI). Also quite notably, we had terraUSD (UST). These are the five largest stablecoins and they represent roughly $160 billion of value. Sequentially, three of these stablecoins (USDT, USDC, BUSD) are collateralised stablecoins issued by centralised entities.

DAI is different in that it is collateralised and backed by a diversified portfolio of crypto assets. Instead of being issued by a centralised entity, a DAO called MakerDAO manages DAI. DAI is collateralised with crypto rather than dollars, but it is, and this is critical, overcollateralised.

Conversely, USDT ist not collateralised at all! It is an algorithmic stablecoin powered by the Terra protocol. Instead, it is backed by a crypto token called LUNA. In short: under stress it lost its peg to the US dollar and caused hyperinflation of luna.

The Problem is NOT Necessarily Algorithmic Stablecoins

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Does this mean that algorithmic stablecoins are flawed? Not necessarily. One bad apple is the exception not the rule. However this shows the importance of collateralisation and better yet over-collateralisation.

Regulators are now further speeding up regulating stablecoins. However, even though the cause of this current issue are algorithmic stablecoins, regulators are only interested in regulating FIAT-backed or asset-backed stablecoins due to the systematic risk on the traditional financial system.

Crypto currencies and Stablecoins are definitely here to stay. The outcome of this is that lessons will be learnt and we will move higher up the learning curve.

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