Episode 4: Jurisdiction & Property Rights Surrounding NFTS

In this week’s episode of MK Crypto Diaries, Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera will be joined by Ioannis Revolidis – a Lecturer of Media, Communications & Technology Law at the University of Malta. He is a highly Experienced Researcher and has obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Law Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). Throughout the episode, Justine and Ioannis will be discussing the Jurisdiction & Property Rights of NFTs and the implications such rights bring with them.

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Episode 3: Why Did FTX Collapse? Here’s What You Need to Know

In this week’s episode of MK Crypto Diaries we’re joined by Samuel Rondot. He is the Managing Director at Damex Business, and experienced Algorithmic trade and founder of the OTC Network – a platform which promotes the adoption of OTC solutions and information sharing in the OTC/crypto community. Justine and Samuel shed light on the recent developments on the FTX scandal, how it collapsed and the implications this has on the crypto industry.

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Episode 2: Are Cryptocurrencies Protocols Really Decentralized?

In this week’s episode we are joined by Mr Enrico Rossi, a Lead Research Lead of the “Distributed Financial Market Infrastructure” at CCAF (Cambridge University) & Lecturer at UCL Computer Science Department and Cambridge CCAF. Enrico was named “2020-2021 Academic Blockchain Influencer of the Year” by UK BIG Innovation Centre. During the discussion, Dr. Scerri Herrera and Mr. Rossi will touch points on the protocols behind De-Centralisation and Centralisation and their different dimensions, MICA and the current state of other crypto currencies such as Ethereum and more.

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Episode 1: Unfolding the Regulatory Landscape of Stablecoins & CBSC’s

We were joined by special guest Robert Courtneidge – Payment Industry Expert, Co-Author of The Fintech Book & Committee Member of EPA Project Regulator Forum. Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera and Robert discussed the frameworks behind Stablecoins, CBDC’s, latest regulatory developments and more. Find out more on a privately led initiative evaluating the path towards a retail Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the UK. This initiative paves the way for public-private collaboration that addresses key challenges and open questions relating to CBDC development. Register here:

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Intro Episode: MK Crypto Diaries

Welcome to our new hot podcast, MK Crypto Diaries with your host Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera. In this little introduction, we shall give you a glimpse of what our podcast has to offer – news, events, regulatory developments and more. Be sure to keep a look out for our uploads.Stay tuned for more to come!

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